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Here are quick answers to the most common questions about Reading Universe:

  • Is Reading Universe a scope and sequence for reading instruction?

    Reading Universe is not a scope and sequence or curriculum for reading and writing instruction. Reading Universe presents the essential reading skills, shows how they’re connected, and explains how you can teach each skill to help all of your students learn how to read and write well. Not every child will need to be explicitly taught every skill as presented; however, every teacher should know how to teach each of the skills presented in a systematic, explicit, and sequential way.

    What grade levels do you serve?

    Reading Universe is a work in progress! Our goal is to be a deep, authoritative guide to teaching reading and writing for educators in grades pre-K-6. This year, we're focused primarily on serving teachers and literacy coaches in grades K-2 ... and we're adding new content almost every day. Please check back frequently and you'll find new articles, features, skill explainers, and in-classroom video, all available for free for educators worldwide.

    Do you have online courses that I can take for credit?

    We are actively engaged in producing free virtual courses and will provide certificates for all that you complete. Please sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to be notified when we launch our courses. 

    How do I join Reading Universe?

    You can create a free account on Reading Universe by clicking on the person icon at the top right of the site or by clicking here.

    How can I support Reading Universe?

    Thank you for your interest in supporting Reading Universe! You can make a donation here. If you're interested in spreading the word about Reading Universe to your networks, please complete the form below.

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