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Where am I in the Reading Universe Taxonomy?

Word Recognition
Phonological Awareness
Language Comprehension
Reading Comprehension
Phoneme Manipulation

Substituting Phonemes Lesson Plan

When your students can add phoneme s in all three positions, you are ready to teach them phoneme substitution . Here’s a sample lesson plan for phoneme substitution with three-phoneme words.

In teaching phoneme manipulation s we follow this order: first deletion, then addition, then substitution. Each of the three skills of phoneme manipulation needs to be taught in isolation, so we don’t confuse students. Depending on how quickly your students pick it up, we recommend you work on each element for several minutes every day over the course of one week. You’ll start with deletion, then move on to addition, and finally teach substitution.

Use this lesson to teach students how to substitute phonemes in spoken words to create a new word.

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