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Alphabet Arc: Letter Sounds

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Produced by Reading Universe, a partnership of WETA, Barksdale Reading Institute, and First Book
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Monica Peevyhouse: Now we're going to do another activity with our alphabet arc. Some of our letters are missing. Okay, so we're going to place these where they go. Okay. Aurelius, it's your first letter.

Aurelius: 'I'

Monica Peevyhouse: What sound?

Aurelius: /ĭ/

Monica Peevyhouse: Okay, let's see. Where does that /i/ go?

Narrator: An alphabet arc is an engaging way to offer guided practice in sound-letter correspondence and /a/, /b/,/c/ order. Kindergarten teacher Monica Peeveyhouse asks each student to name their letter, give the letter sound, and place the letter on the arc.

Monica Peevyhouse: Okay, where does it go on her? Do you want to do this real quick? Say it with me.

Aurelius: /A,/ /b/, /c/, /d/ ...

Narrator: Singing the alphabet song while Ms. Peevyhouse points to each letter helps Tenny know where to place her letter.

Monica Peevyhouse: Okay, what letter is that?

Tenny: 'P'

Monica Peevyhouse: What sound is 'p'?

Tenny: /P/

Monica Peevyhouse: Okay. Very good. What letter comes after 'p'?

Aurelius: 'Q'

Monica Peevyhouse: 'Q'. What's that sound?

Aurelius: /Qwa/

Monica Peevyhouse: Very good.

Narrator: Enjoyed this video? Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel @RUTeaching. For more information, please visit Special thanks to Prather-Brown Center, Frederick Public Schools, and the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Reading Universe is made possible by generous support from Jim and Donna Barksdale, the American Federation of Teachers, the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, and three anonymous donors. Reading Universe is a service of WETA, Washington, DC, the Barksdale Reading Institute, and First Book.

Monica Peevyhouse: I'm Monica Peevyhouse and this is Reading Universe.

Reading Universe is made possible by generous support from Jim & Donna Barksdale, the AFT, the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, and three anonymous donors.

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