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Segmenting Words into Syllables with Liz Quezada

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Produced by Reading Universe, a partnership of WETA, Barksdale Reading Institute, and First Book
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Liz Quezada: All right, boys and girls, I'm going to say a word. You're going to say the word and break it into two syllables, and then we'll say the word again. So we're going to go word, first syllable, second syllable, word. Ready?

Students: Yes.

Liz Quezada: Say apple.

Students: Apple.

Liz Quezada: Do the first syllable.

Students and Liz Quezada: ap-, -ple ... apple.

Liz Quezada: Say turtle.

Students: Turtle.

Liz Quezada: Ready?

Students and Liz Quezada: tur-, -tle ... turtle.

Liz Quezada: Say staple.


Staple ... sta-, -ple ... staple.

Liz Quezada:

Say fable.



Liz Quezada:

Syllables ...

Students and Liz Quezada:

fa-, -ble ... fable.

Liz Quezada:

Very good.


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Liz Quezada: This is Reading Universe.

Reading Universe is made possible by generous support from Jim & Donna Barksdale, the AFT, the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, and three anonymous donors.

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