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  • Letter Names and Sounds Skill Explainer

Quick Look: First Grade Letter Warm-Up with Flash Cards

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Produced by Reading Universe, a partnership of WETA, Barksdale Reading Institute, and First Book
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Teacher Carla Miller: [music] We're just going to say the name of the letter and the sound. Are you ready?

Carla Miller and Students: 'G', /g/. 'Y', /y/. ['Y' sound is garbled.]

Teacher Carla Miller: Okay, let's do that one more time.

Carla Miller and Students: 'Y', /y/. 'E', /ĕ/.

Teacher Carla Miller: Long sound.

Carla Miller and Students: /Ē/.

Teacher Carla Miller: Good.

Carla Miller and Students: 'Q', 'u', /kw/.

Teacher Carla Miller: Rule.

Carla Miller and Students: 'Q' and 'u' are stuck like glue.

Teacher Carla Miller: So good. [music]

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