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Skill Explainer

Blends Skill Explainer

1. Overview: What Are Blends?

Common Blends
Initial two-letter blends: bl-, cl-, gl-, fl-, pl-, sl-, br-, cr-, dr-, fr-, gr-, pr-, tr- , sm-, sn-, sc-, st-, sk-, sw-, sp-, tw-
Initial three-letter blends: str-, spl-, spr-, scr-, squ-
Ending two-letter blends: -lk, -nd, -mp, -nt, -st, -ft, -ld, -sp, -tz, -ct, -lf, -lm, -sk, -lt, -lp, -pt, -ln, -lb
Ending three-letter blends: -mpt
Video thumbnail for Quick Look: Elkonin Sound Boxes
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Carla Stanford: These are called sound boxes. [Ms. Stanford points to boxes drawn in a row on a white board.] I'm going to say a word. I'm going to have you repeat the word and then we are going to push the two, the first two sounds in the word, and you can tap, so it will go like this. We'll do a practice. The word is block. Repeat.

Students: Block.

Carla Stanford: Tappers up.

Carla Stanford and students: /b/, /l/ ...

Carla Stanford: Did you hear that? '/b/, /l/, /ŏ/, /c/. Block. Excellent.

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