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Word Recognition
Phonological Awareness
Language Comprehension
Reading Comprehension

Free Decodable Texts for Each Phonics Skill

Looking for free decodable texts? Use this scope and sequence to match a decodable text with the spelling pattern you're teaching. And if you're just getting started, be sure to check out our How to Use Decodable Texts article.

Short Vowels

Double Consonant Endings (also known as the FloSSz rule)

Suffix '-s'



Review Passages



Review of All Patterns Previously Taught

Consonant Pattern '-ng' and '-nk'

  • Consonant spelling patterns '-ang', '-ing', '-ong', and '-ung': The Swing
  • Consonant spelling patterns '-ank', 'ink', and '-unk': The Bunk Bed

Multisyllable Words

More Suffixes

Three-Syllable Words

R-Controlled Vowels

One- and Two-Syllable Words with Open Syllables

Consonant '-le' 

One-Syllable Magic 'e' (also known as Silent 'e') Words

Multisyllable Words with Magic 'e'

Hard and Soft 'c' and 'g'

Vowel Teams


Silent Consonant Letters

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